Friday, September 24


10 good things about khairi

  1. humorous guy that can make me laugh while crying.kau gila joker sampai annoying tau tak.grrr!
  2. he is amazing with his superb dreams.idea kau best je an:)
  3. determination and easily motivated.
  4. rational which kau tak cepat melatah pon.if aku kua kau tak bising pon tho kau jeles gak an actually :P
  5. I can be myself when I'm with you.
  6. you love your family and i love the way you treat them
  7. your patience is much better than mine
  8. he is brilliant. every time we talk about something, he will understand it ass.
  9. persuader.ayat kau manes gilaaa:)
  10. dependable on me:)cha hafta choose all your clothes,food, etc.i love it:)

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