Tuesday, September 28


i'm in the mids of doing tons of assignments.
my internship will be started really soon which is end of november.
i guess it is on 29th november.
so i can say that i don't have much time to spend with mr boyfriend.
yalaa kan
da nak FINAL la plak an.

im having this kind of phobia
he will go out with other girls?
he will not give me a call?
he will forget me?
the thing is for almost two year plus  
we have seen each other like everyday except for holidays
now i will be away for six months!

now God really wanna test us.
dah la penyaket jealous chacha sangat critical.
hence, there are few things i hafta do:

1# mr boyfriend and me hafta be honest and we should discuss what are our expectations. eg; i must try to trust him and i know of course la dia akan kawan with others. so chacha tak patut la nak kongkong.dia blaja lama lagi kot.he still under student's kena paham.macam la cha tak tau student's life camner kan.sume tuh tak ke mana.

2# try to meet up as many as we can.since weekdays we all gonna be super duper busy, we gonna meet up friday and saturday. during the meeting, heart to heart kena ada so that tade la perasaan tuh hilang, and avoid la marah marah. nape nak marah marah if you only have little time to spend with an? if mr boyfriend wat hal , so many think kena re-think.

3# communication!like seriously, important sangat. i wont miss to give him a wake up call every morning. cha still la kena encourage dia blaja.and as a result, he must call me before sleep.okay i nak this thing compulsory. tak about sms?i dont think we have to sms 24/7.enough with the calls.we have to act a bit more mature.

i guess thats all i think about.tatau laa whats gonna happen in the future.really need to absorb the positive vibe.

p/s:split personality

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